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Jayden's Jungle Exotic Pets Inc


We have hard to find supplies for your exotic pets.  If we don't carry what you need, let us know and we will work on getting it in stock

Spoiled Acres Rescue Inc opened in 2005.  We obtained our 501c3 status in 2006.  Throughout the years we have rescued, rehabbed and rehomed 1,000's of animals.  We have gone through out ups and downs just like everyone else, but have kept moving forward with our goal of helping animals in need.
In 2011, we gained a farm hand, Jayden.  Jayden was full of life and love and loved the animals.  As we continued to rescue animals, Jayden was busy learning all he could about caring for the animals.

In 2016, our worst nightmare happened.  Jayden woke up with a cough.  We all had colds, so it wasn't surprising.  We had even purchased over the counter medication for him just in case.  Jayden took the medication and laid down to watch cartoons.   As we carried on with our routine of feeding and caring for animals, Jayden's mom noticed that he wasn't himself.  He was not breathing and had no pulse.  CPR was started and he was rapidly transported to the hospital.  While on the way, grandma got a pulse back and Jayden was breathing on his own.

After months in the hospital, Jayden was released.  Not the Jayden we had before, but a little boy that couldn't hold his head up and couldn't communicate with us.  Jayden had severe brain damage from the lack of oxygen.  Tests were run and nothing was ever pinpointed as the reason that he stopped breathing.  It was determined that he was "sensitive" to the over the counter medication that was given to him.

Jayden continues to improve every day, but we still don't have our Jayden back.  To continue his progress, we decided to open an adoption center that would allow us to work with Jayden more and give us a place to educate people on animal care and to adopt the "pocket pets" that seem to keep growing.   We hope to add some sales of supplies so that we can pay the bills at the new building.

We have a building now.  We are just working on remodeling it enough to use it for the adoption center.    We have named it after Jayden.  We are calling the adoption center Jayden's Jungle.

We are now trying to pay our bills, Jayden's medical and keep the rescue up and running while setting up the adoption center.  We have gotten the building and the utilities are on.  Now we need help with remodeling and getting the A/C repaired.

Please consider donating to our rescue.  You are helping the animals and a little boy who needs rehab to get him back up to speed.  We appreciate each and every donation.

Boarding Service


Going out of town and don't have anyone to care for your exotic pet.  We have several options available.  We have private boarding rooms or shared rooms.  Use our cages or bring your own.  

Grooming Services


We offer grooming of birds and small pets.  Nails trimmed, wings clipped and beaks trimmed.  

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Jayden's Jungle Exotic Pets Inc

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